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#1 Jet Black Nano Tip Hair Extensions 1g-strand 100g



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It's all in the details

Our Nano Tip Hair Extensions collection has gathered the newest and lightest nano tip hair extensions together. All of our nano tip hair extensions are made with pure 100% virgin human hair which is of the highest quality on the market. Our nano-tip hair extensions are lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement. Nano tip hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to have extensions permanently applied for longer term wear.


Free shipping & 90-day returns

We ship worldwide free for all of our Lilyhair products. Each set of our hair extensions undergo several inspections before being shipped to ensure our consistent premium quality. To offer you the best online shopping experience, Lilyhair guarantees a 90-day exchange or refund and a 360-day free maintenance. Lilyhair is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience as our customer by providing you the first-class service.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Difference Between Nano Ring And Nano Tip Hair Extensions.

    Nano ring Hair Extensions, sometimes just referred to as ‘nano rings’ are a recent development in hair extension application techniques. But boy, did they take off quickly! The method has been developed in a quest to find the most undetectable methods of hair extensions installation.

    Nano rings (like micro rings) are made from copper. The essential difference is that nano rings are 90% smaller than regular hair extensions application rings. Typically they are around the size of a ballpoint pen nib.

    The hair extension strands that are attached using nano rings are known as Nano Tip hair . This hair has a strong keratin tip which secures a fine metal loop which is squeezed closed to form a strong tip that is inserted into the ring before being clamped with pliers. An alternative tip material is a plastic tip. Secret Hair Extensions UK have offered both tip material in our ranges. However, the metal tip design has proved more popular as they make re-application of the hair extension strand much easier during maintenance appointments than re-threading a plastic tip into the new nano ring.

    In order to make this form of installation less visible, the hair is fitted behind a strand of the clients own hair before clamping to secure. No heat or glue is used in application. Equipment needed is: nano tip extensions hair, nano rings , a smaller nano ring pulling loop tool and a smaller set of application pliers. Our point tipped hair extensions pliers make it easier to precision clamp the tiny nano ring!

    Care must be taken with nano ring extensions not to apply heat or oil to the keratin bond securing the nano tip, as this can deteriorate or even melt. Both installation and removal – as with all other hair extensions techniques – should be performed by a trained professional.

    After a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks, the rings should be removed and the extensions moved up to avoid detection or stress to the supporting strand of client’s hair. Nano Rings can be either unlined copper, which will clamp flattest or can be silicone lined copper nano rings to avoid slipping and avoid damage to clients’ hair.

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Nano Hair Extensions?

    Advantages of Nano Rings and Nano Tip Hair Extensions

    The benefits of nano tip hair extensions and nano ring hair extensions is that they are so small and undetectable. No heat or chemicals are applied during installation. Using silicone lined rings will help prevent damage to the hair.

    Disadvantages of Nano Rings and Nano Tip Hair Extensions

    The disadvantages of nano ring hair extensions are the very fact that less of the client’s hair can be pulled through the smaller nano ring means that care must be taken in application to use the thickest strand possible of clients hair in order to support 1g of extension hair. Obviously, when this hair is wet it becomes heavier still.

    Also, as the human head will naturally shed up to 100 hairs a day, before even wearing hair extensions, maintenance appointments every six weeks are essential. Over this time less of the natural hair is attached to the scalp (in the natural shedding cycle) so essentially less of the clients hair s available to support the nano hair extension strand attached to each section.

    Another disadvantage of nano rings over micro rings, is that the nano bond is exposed. When applying micro ring hair extensions, the keratin tip id enclosed within the ring. This offers some form of protection against natural scalp oils, shampoos and conditioners that can soften the bond.

    With Nano ring hair extensions this bond is outside (below) the nano ring. Therefore it is prone to the effects of products. They are also vulnerable to clients mistakenly applying heat to them during the straightening process or when blow drying.

  • Nano Ring Hair Extension Slippage

    Due to the size of the nano rings, there may be times when some do slip and are even lost between hair maintenance appointments, which is perfectly normal and to be expected. Some are more predisposed to this happening than others. As we have previously mentioned, if the hair the extensions are fitted to are excessively oily, or soft then this is likely to happen and more often too. So don’t be disappointed if after a fitting appointment you find some have come loose.

    Nano ring hair extensions are a great invention but alas like most things in life aren’t suitable for everyone. It all depends on a person’s needs and requirements, so make sure you’ve discussed with your hairdresser which hair extension method would be best suited to you and your hair needs.

    If you would like to know more about nano ring hair extensions or would like advice on all things hair extension related, then make sure you check out our hair extensions advice page. It’s packed full with interesting and helpful articles, addressing most hair extension queries.

    If you would  like more information or have a question about our hair extensions and accessories, then feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too.

  • Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions Damaging?

    Nano ring hair extensions are not damaging to the natural hair when fitted by a trained professional. In actual fact, they are one of the hair extensions methods that are the least damaging.

    They do not require heat or glue to secure them, meaning they will be kinder and gentler on the hair. When it’s time to remove them, they won’t require the typical alcohol or acetone based solution remover unlike the prebonded hair extension method.

    As with all salon based hair extensions, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring hair extensions are fitted, maintained and removed by a reputable, trained professional.

  • Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    Often those who have finer hair, may have struggled in the past finding the right hair extensions and method to suit their hair type.

    Other hair extension methods such as wefts, have been prone to showing through on fine hair, making it visible to others that your client has had hair extensions applied. As nano rings are so small they are much easier to conceal even when the hair thin and sparse.

  • How Big Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    The main advantage of the nano ring hair extension is that its bonds are incredibly tiny. In fact they’re around 90% smaller than a micro ring, resulting in being crowned one of the smallest bonds available. 

    They are also available in a variety of colours, making it easier to match them to the root colour they are being fixed too.When applied professionally, nano ring hair extensions will be extremely secure thanks to adopting a strand by strand method. The trick to secure the rings properly, is to gather the correct amount of natural hair and place it within the ring. So long as the natural hair isn’t excessively oily or soft, the rings will secure perfectly.

    Nano ring hair extensions should last when cared for with regular maintenance appointments, anywhere between three and four months, which is a much longer time than other hair extension methods.

  • What Type Of Hair Is Lilyhair?

    Lilyhair only use 100% full-cuticle virgin hair which is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. Virgin hair is much better than remy hair, because virgin hair is from one single ponytail, which is considered to be the most luxurious way to collect hair.

    Unlike other brands who use the so-called ‘remy hair’ that the most of which actually are fallen hair from the hair salons with no aligned roots or the unidirectional cuticles that ultimately call for the acid bath to remove the cuticles which is extremely hazardous to the hair and would make your hair extension extremely fragile.

    Our virgin hair is of the highest quality with the cuticles kept intact and hair strands being thicker and stronger. The cuticles would remain intact wash after wash and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

    All of these set our brand apart from the rest and the promising quality of our hair extensions makes you dye or bleach or heat-style your hair with care free. Voluminous, gorgeous hair extensions with long lifespan that can give you a stunning look is guaranteed here at Lilyhair.

  • Can I Color, Tone, Or Bleach My Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    You may color, tone, or bleach your nano ring hair extensions, because they are 100% human hair. But we do not recommend bleaching your lilyhair as they have already been dyed at our manufacture, and forcing bleach on hair that has already been dyed can be difficult.

    If you truly want to bleach your nano ring hair extensions, please consider our virgin hair with natural color and not color-treated before. If you would like to dye your hair, please opt for a lighter set to dye darker, rather than a darker set to bleach lighter.

    And please be reminded that never try to dye the set yourself at home. Get yourself a professional hair colorist, ideally, someone who has had previous experience working with hair extensions. Test a small piece first before you decide to dye the extensions is always recommended.

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The color matches great with my hair

The color matches great with my hair

Gorgeous! Save your money and get this!

Gorgeous! Save your money and get this!

It’s my 3rd time buying from them. The quality is amazing ,the nano tip is extra small and totall...

It’s my 3rd time buying from them. The quality is amazing ,the nano tip is extra small and totally invisible ,which is great

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