Joyce 2.75x5 Women's Top Pieces T1B/4 (Swiss Lace Topper)

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This 2.75"x5" virgin human hair topper clips in easily behind the hairline while giving you seamless volume and coverage at the top of the head. Swiss Lace is the most undetectable base material. Each hair on this topper is hand tied to a Swiss Lace that results in a superior natural appearance. This topper provides thorough coverage for the mid/progressive stage of hair loss.


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We ship worldwide free for all of our hair products. Each one of our hair toppers undergo several inspections before being shipped to ensure our consistent premium quality. To offer you the best online shopping experience, Lilyhair guarantees a 90-day exchange or refund. 360-day free maintenance is also provided on all of our LilyHair products.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between Swiss Lace Base, Mono Base and Silk Base?

    In our topper collection, there are three different base types for you to choose. They are Swiss Lace base, Mono base and Silk base. Base material is one of the important factors when choosing a topper. In order to choose the most appropriate one, you need to know the characteristics and the differences between them.

    Firstly let’s see Swiss Lace base. Swiss Lace base is featured by its soft, undetectable and breathable effects. It is a good choice for people who want a natural look and soft feeling. Of course it is also breathable for hot weather.

    Secondly, let’s look at Mono. Mono base is more durable than Swiss Lace base, so for people who worry about the durability of your hair topper, we recommend you the Mono base toppers.

    Finally, we have Silk base toppers. Silk base is famous for its soft,light,easy-to-attach characteristics and it mimics your own scalp which means it can be the most natural one when you wear it compared to the other two. But at the same time it is not breathable as lace and mono. So for customers in hot or tropical climates, we suggest you do not choose this kind of base.

  • How to customize my own topper?

    Custom Toppers can fit you the best and offer you the most comfortable wearing experience. Custom toppers are made especially for you according to your specifications. All of our custom designed toppers are handcrafted and undergo a rigorous quality inspection.

    To make a custom topper, information below needs to be provided:

    Measurements: please take your measurements carefully to ensure that your custom order fits correctly.Please view the instructional measurement chart for taking self-measurements.

    Hair Color: you may select any hair color and can combine two or even three colors to create the look and style you want.

    Hair Base: we already have some base for you to choose, if you have some other ideas, please describe it clearly and explicitly.

    Hair Length: whether you want it to be short, or luxuriously long, you decide on it, we will make it.

  • Can I color, tone, or bleach my toppers?

    You may color, tone, or bleach your toppers, because they are 100% human hair. But we do not recommend bleaching your Lily Hair toppers as they have already been dyed at our manufacture, and forcing bleach on hair that has already been dyed can be difficult.

    If you truly want to bleach your toppers, please consider our virgin hair with natural color and not color-treated before. If you would like to dye your hair, please opt for a lighter one to dye darker, rather than a darker one to bleach lighter.

    And please be reminded that never try to dye the topper yourself at home. Get yourself a professional hair colorist, ideally, someone who has had previous experience working with toppers.

  • How do I choose the right Lilyhair toppers?

    Buying a topper, first you should consider your budget. When you know what budget you’ll be working with, you’ll easily be able to determine whether or not you can go with a stock topper or a custom topper. Granted, at, both our stock and custom toppers are made to look great, but if you have a little more to spend, we definitely recommend a custom unit as it gives you the most flexibility when choosing styles.

    Next, know your measurements, hair type, color, and density needs. When ordering any topper, you’ll need to have a good idea of what size will be most appropriate. Get your measurements and then go through the ordering options to narrow down the exact topper you want. If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we’ll guide you through the process.

    Then, think about how you’ll actually wear your topper. Do you want something you could swim with? Something that can easily be taken on and off? Something that integrates in with your existing hair? Something that’s a complete hair replacement? By knowing the answers to these questions, you’ll be better able to select the toppers that are right for you.

    Fourth, review your order before submitting. In many cases, a first time buyer will just select some options and order only to be disappointed later. Double check your order to be sure that every detail is right.

    For more info on choosing toppers for women, be sure to check out our women’s topper section.
  • How long do Lily Hair toppers last?

    Our toppers can last from 1 year to 2 years, it all depends on the way how you take care of them and how often you use them. The way they are cared for would largely decide the life-span of your toppers.

    Your toppers are different from your own growing hair---they have no roots and unable to constantly get oil moisture from the scalp, so there’s no need for you to wash them very often---wash them everyday is absolutely a big no-no!

    Wash your topper every 2-3 times a week is advisable or wash them when they look dirty, lifeless, have product build up or smell. Be sure to deep condition your topper after each wash.

  • How often should you wash your toppers?

    This largely depends on how often you wear them. You can probably use your best judgement in how often to wash them. Try not wash your toppers often, because unlike your natural hair, these toppers will not collect the natural oil from your scalp.

    If you are still unsure how often you should wash your toppers, then please wash your toppers 2-3 times a week or wash them when they look dirty, lifeless, have product build up or smell. We don’t recommend blow drying your hair if you can avoid it. However, if you are looking to wear the toppers immediately after and would like to dry them quickly, make sure to use heat-protection spray to extend the lifespan of your toppers whenever you use a thermal styling tool.

  • What are the best products to use on my toppers?

    Wash your toppers with the 100% sulfate-free shampoo that’s specially designed for toppers. This is the most effective and mildest way to make your toppers stay moisture.

    And again, toppers don’t receive any nourishing, natural oils from the scalp like our own hair does, so it’s best to wash them as infrequently as possible to prevent them from becoming unnecessarily dry.

    Always try to stay away from shampoos containing the ingredient “Sulfate”. This causes excessive drying of the hair.

    Deep condition after each wash. And always, always apply a heat-protection spray before heat styling. This will extend the life of your toppers when heat styling.

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