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Flip-In & Halo Hair Extensions

Halo & Flip-In Hair Extensions

LilyHair® Halo & Flip in Hair Extensions have removable velcroclips and fishing wire, which can be used as 1 pc clip-in or halo, aim to make every woman confident and glamorous with our one-of-a-kind hair extensions.

Classic Halo & Flip-In

4 Magic belt clips ,1 Adjustable line
14” Long - 70 grams
16” Long - 80 grams
18” Long - 100 grams
20” Long - 110 grams
22” Long - 130 grams
24” Long - 150 grams

Deluxe Halo & Flip-In

4 Magic belt clips ,1 Adjustable line
14” Long - 90 grams
16” Long - 100 grams
18” Long - 130 grams
20” Long - 140 grams
22” Long - 160 grams
24” Long - 190 grams

Why is LilyHair® The Best Brand?

The quality of LilyHair® products is much higher than other brands in our league. The human hair that we choose to use is virgin hair which is of the best quality and without any medical treatment, can be safely styled, toned and dyed.

The Perfect Solution to Longer Hair

Our flip-in method is specially designed to provide the longer, thicker hair you have always wanted instantly. Featuring a unique transparent wire and 4 insensitive removable clips, our newly designed flip-ins with both clip and wire are sure to transform your look in a snap.

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