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Flip-In & Halo Hair Extensions

Halo & Flip-In Hair Extensions

We are the best online shop that dealing with hair extensions. We aim to make every woman confident and glamorous with our one-of-a-kind hair extensions. Flip-in hair extensions at Lilyhair are 2-in-one hair extensions which come with an invisible & removable wire and four removable clips that can be used as a halo hair extension or as a clip on sext weft for extra volume. You would be surely love our Flip-ins!

Why is "LilyHair" The Best Brand?

The quality of our products is much higher than other brands in our league. The human hair that we choose to use is virgin hair which is of the best quality and without any medical treatment. Different from remy hair produced by other companies, our virgin hair keep the original full cuticle. Cuticle virgin hair which is very durable can be dyed into any other hair colors, and would not cause hair loss or knotting. Most of the short hair among the raw materials are picked and removed manually to meet the standard of doubledrawn. Hair selecting is a long process, and it usually takes twice time to make sure each of the hair is of similar length. Lilyhair has always been on the way to provide our customers the best products, the lowest price.

The Perfect Solution to Longer Hair

Lily Hair is the leader for the best flip in hair extensions. Our flip-in method is specially designed to provide the longer, thicker hair you have always wanted instantly. Featuring a unique transparent wire and 4 insensitive removable clips, our newly designed flip-ins with both clip and wire are sure to transform your look in a snap. Perfect for everyday use or when you have a special occasion coming up, Lilyhair Flip-in hair extensions don’t require hot or cold fusion, making them easy to add and remove. You can change up your look as often as you like. Whether you’re new to hair extensions or are a pro who wants a simple and quick application, Lilyhair wire hair extensions are so easy to use, you’ve just got to try them.

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