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What are Lilyhair Extensions?

What are Lilyhair Extensions?

  • The easiest way to get longer, voluminous hair in minutes
  • Can be washed, heat styled, and dyed like your own hair
  • Made from super shiny, thick, 100% VIRGIN human hair
  • Causes absolutely zero damage to your biological hair
  • Sourced ethically and made sustainably

What to custom for Lilyhair extensions?

  • Extensions Type - 8 Types
  • Hair Length - from 12” to 26”
  • Hair Weight - from 1g to 240g
  • Hair Color - 30+ colors
  • Hair Type - 100% Virgin Human Hair


We offer 8 types of hair extensions on our site, each type of extensions has its strengths and weaknesses, e.g. clip in hair extensions are very easy to apply that you can comfortably do it at home, but if you want to have extensions on every day, clip in extensions is in no way the best choice, so you should figure out first what extensions suits your best.

Hair Extensions

Halo & Flip-in
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Micro Ring
Hair Extensions

Nano Ring
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Magic Ponytail
Hair Extensions



We hand this right to our dear customers, you can 100% decide the hair length based on your liking, we trust your preference and taste, what we do is right after you and make your requirements true.

Hair Weight

Hair Weight

You would feel very tired and uncomfortable or even sick, if the weight is too much for you. Just like a hat, if it’s too heavy for your head to bear, you would not like to wear it. You can take a hat off anytime but not the hair extensions. So custom the weight of your extensions is quite meaningful!

Hair Color

Hair Color

We have 32 colors for our customers to choose from, bur colors are not available on our site can also be customized. You just need to specify your needs and LILYHAIR colorists are all here to help achieve your ultimate color goal.

Hair Type

Hair Type

We only use the best Virgin Human Hair on the market. Virgin Hair is collected from the single donor which is smooth and shiny, easy to take care of, way more better than Remy hair or Non-Remy hair.

All In the Details

Lace Fabric

breathable, soft and harmless, away from smelly sweat, easy to take care of

Quality Clips

quality metal-made, non-slippery, no damage, good clutch, smooth coating

Removable Clips

metal made, velcro tape, removable, easy to loop & hook

Removable Wire

100% Invisible, durable, removable, the length of wire is adjustable

Medical-Grade Tape & Pu Coating

What we used is Medical-Grade Tape which is safe and harmless to your own hair and hair is hand-tied to the pu coating so it is 100% seamless.

Pre-Bonded Keratin

four different shapes, make a statement

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which products can be customized?

All products on the Lilyhair website can be customized (wigs, toppers, hair extensions, etc.), besides, we can also customize your wig according to your samples or design drafts. If the product you want can not be found on our website, you can send Emails or contact our online customer service to inquire.

2.What do you customize?

First, please specify which products you want to customize.

For wigs, you ca customize the following aspects: cap structure, cap material, cap size, cap color, hair texture, hair length, hair weight, hair density, hair layered degree, hair color and hairstyle.

For toppers, you can customize the following aspects: base structure, base material, base size, base color, hair texture, hair length, hair weight, hair layered degree, hair color and hairstyle.

For hair extensions, you can customize the hair weight, hair length, hair color and the pieces number. The right number of hair pieces can help you achieve the most ideal effect.

3.About color customization

Color customization is very common among all the customization options. But please be reminded that the color of the picture or video from what you see can be a little different than the actual hair color, because of the light, the screen display or other issues. It is very easy to produce color deviation. The color and the actual color of all the pictures will have some color difference, which is very normal. The return of the custom wigs for color difference reason would be rejected by Lilyhair, please be noted. If you have a high requirement of hair colors, please try to send us some physical color objects as a reference. For the specific operations, please contact our customer service.

4.About Custom Fees.

For custom orders, we don’t charge extra fees, but the production time would be longer for the custom nature. The customized product needs to be produced separately according to the customer's needs.

5.About Customization Time.

If you customize the hand-tied wigs, the production time would be generally longer. Hand-tied wigs usually need 35-45 days for production and processing before being shipped. The customized hair extensions are normally shipped within 5-7 days. For the detailed custom production time, please contact our customer service team.

6.Does the custom products also enjoy the return policy?

Yes, all of the Lilyhair products share the same return policy and the long maintenance service.